Charlie Prose          
updated 4/10/18


 Ordering Charlie's Videos in DVD or VHS,

let's you experience all the warmth and fun of a live Charlie Prose concert right in your own home. Both videos capture all the excitement and unforgettable moments that delight and tickle audiences of all ages worldwide.  In addition to Charlie's vocal talents and piano artistry, you'll thoroughly enjoy his sidesplitting humor that looks at the funnier side of life's many experiences.  A genuine warmth and love of people comes through in Charlie's unique brand of comedy, touching the hearts of millions.  If you own a VCR or DVD player, these full-color videos are a must for your collection !

"An Evening with Charlie Prose"  V-1

Cpvideo203.jpg (45833 bytes)     On " An Evening With Charlie Prose" video Charlie takes you on an journey of laughter sharing his memories of "Pop's Advice:  The Lecture of Life" and the absurdities of little things in life like "Installing a VCR" (still flashes 12:00, 12:00, ...) This video also contains the all time favorite comedy routines about "Barbie Dolls", "Cruise Ships", "Music to put your Kids to Sleep", and "Ignorants".  You're sure to be moved by Charlie's heart-warming rendition of the song  "Wind Beneath My Wings", entertained by the humorous original song "Suck It In," and mesmerized by Charlie's piano medley that, among others, includes "Malaguenia."  Recorded live at Trump Plaza,  Atlantic City, NJ                                       (Running time 1hr. 7min)

Cost: $24.95

"Love & Laughter" V-2

  Cpvideo102.jpg (45671 bytes)

On the " Love & Laughter" video, taped live at the Riverside Resort Laughlin, NV, Charlie takes his audience on a comedy adventure with hilarious routines about:  "Toys and Toy Stores", "Batteries Not Included", "The Energizer Bunny", "Airport Announcements", and "The Black Box." Charlie also pokes fun at some of his own childhood experiences, such as his years as an altar boy.   Also included on this video is Charlie's touching version of the song "The Living Years", and a spectacular piano medley of great movie themes including "As Time Goes By", "Exodus" and the theme from "Gone with the Wind."                        (Running time 1hr. 15min)

Cost: $24.95